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Platinum Records Distro

Distribute Your Music Globally & Earn Money From Streams, Downloads, & Sales.

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Seeking Music Distribution? Work With Us! No Annual Fee. No Paying Per Release. Our music distribution service will help get your music where fans are listening. $1 to distribute unlimited music to 200+ platforms. No Hidden or Extra Fees.

Let's Distribute Your Music

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Music Distribution For Independent Music Creators

Are you an independent or unsigned artist, label, producer, or DJ? Do you need to a digital music distribution service to help release your instrumentals, albums, EPs, or singles?

Build your brand, grow your fanbase and engage with fans through music distribution. Get your music on our all major music platforms worldwide. We'll help with distributing your music to over 350 million fans globally. 

Why Distribute With Us?

We may be the new digital music distribution company, but our mission is to help every independent artist, label, producer, and DJ globally, in every neighborhood. Our goal is not to outdo our competition but to provide affordable & reliable service for independent music creators to expose their music to the world.

We know and understand the struggles of independent music creators. This is why we created Platinum Records Distro to help in any area where they may need it. Using our music distribution will help you release your old or new songs, grow your audience worldwide and earn income.

"Distribute Music Independently, Release Your Music Everywhere, Make Money With Your Music, Easy-To-Use Music Distribution "

Digital Music Distribution

Music distribution should be the top priority of independent artists, labels, producers, and DJs. Take control over your music career and keep 100% ownership, royalties, and music sales. Distribute your music worldwide with us. It will be the wisest choice you can make for your music career.

Our Benefits

  • Distributed To 200+ Platforms

  • Pick Your Own Release Date

  • Customize iTunes Pricing

  • Pre-order Setup

  • Delivered To Sirius XM Radio

  • Email Support From A Human

  • Free UPC & ISRCs Codes

  • Keep 100% Of All Royalties

  • Professional Phone Support

  • Distribution to Asia & China

  • Distribution To Dance Stores At No Added Cost

  • Get An Official YouTube Channel (Must Request)

  • Get Paid Monthly On The 15th

  • Free YouTube Content ID Registration

  • 100% Of Content ID Revenue

  • No Contract

  • UK Chart Registration

  • Free Shazam / Soundcloud Finger Printing

  • Automatically Delivered To New Platforms We Add On

  • Daily Sales Stats

  • Downloadable Monthly Royalty Reports

  • Cover Song Licensing

  • Distribution To Instagram And Facebook

  • Use Your Own Label

  • Downloadable Monthly Royalty Reports

  • Royalty Payment Split

  • Upload Your Lyrics

  • Label Plan Can Release Up To 25 Artists

  • Live On iTunes In 24 Hours

  • Submit To Pandora ( Must Request)

  • 100% of Content ID Revenue     

  • Pay Zero Commission On Your Music Sales

  • Music Video Distribution ( $3 Per Video)

Let's Distribute Your Music

Just $1/Month For All Music Creators

The main purpose of an independent music creator is to stay independent, right? That is why we don't offer yearly plans, which will only lock you in the digital contract. We don't force anyone to pay every time they're ready to release a new song, ep, or album. Just simply commit to our small monthly subscription plan and release unlimited music worldwide whenever you're ready.

Your Music Your Success

We want to see everyone win. We can not guarantee you will become successful but with us, you can increase your chances. It is our goal to see you as an independent artist or record label succeed. Music distribution is for those that are ready to take the next step and get their music out to the world.

With our digital music distribution, we guarantee that your music will be distributed correctly and on time. With Platinum Records Distro, you can focus on making music while leaving the rest to us. Being an independent music creator leaves you with a load on your shoulders. Having a music distribution service you can trust should be your top priority. Use us to distribute unlimited music across the world on all platforms and streaming services.

Trust Yourself

Stop waiting for that perfect moment to pursue your music career. Every second you delay making a decision, another music creator has already taken the first step. Trust your gut and start releasing your music using our music distribution.


We are a music company on a bigger mission to bring change to the independent music scene. The music industry is a global business, so there's no reason why you can't gain fame like Drake, Arijit Singh, or Burna Boy with your music worldwide. Our music distribution can take your music worldwide. Let's grow your fan base and reaching a wider audience.

"Upload And Sell Your Own Music, Keep 100% Of Your Royalties, Music Distribution Simplified, Worldwide Music Distribution "

Let's Distribute Your Music


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