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Digital Music Distribution

Distribute Your Music To 200+ Online Stores and Streaming Services Worldwide.

Made For Independent Artists & Labels

Pay $1 A Month Or $12 A Year To Release Unlimited Music.

Make A Choice!

Keep 100% Of All Earnings, Rights, Ownership & Control. Join Now!

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Music Distribution & Promotion For Independent Artists & Labels

Do you want to distribute and promote music for yourself or artists signed to your independent record label? Platinum Records Distro is here to assist musicians in getting their music distributed and promoted globally on every music platform where fans are listening.

PRD allows you to promote your music, distribute unlimited releases, and keep 100% of your music earnings. Other distributors do not assist artists in growing by providing genuine music promotion advertisements. They put your music on playlists that only other artists listen to. (That method will not help you advance in your music career!) They do not provide members with hands-on strategies, but we do! We run real ads from our ad accounts that target music fans worldwide.

Start Your Music Career With Us and Go Global!

Increase your chances of success by distributing and promoting your music to a global audience.

DIY Music Distribution & Promotion 

If you want to be successful in the music industry, you must prioritize music distribution and promotion.

Our Music Distribution Benefits

  • Distributed To 200+ Platforms

  • Unlimited Music Releases

  • Pick Your Own Release Date

  • Customize iTunes Pricing

  • Keep 100% Of All Royalties

  • Pre-order Setup

  • Worldwide Distribution

  • Delivered To Sirius XM Radio

  • Email Support From A Human

  • Free UPC & ISRCs Codes

  • Keep 100% Of All Royalties

  • Professional Phone Support

  • Distribution to Asia & China Markets

  • Added To Dance Stores For Free

  • Official YouTube Channel

  • Get Paid Monthly 

  • YouTube Content ID Registration

  • 100% Of Content ID Revenue

  • (Music Publishing Coming Soon)

  • UK Chart Registration

  • Shazam / Soundcloud Finger Printing

  • Automatically Sent To New Platforms

  • Daily Sales Stats

  •  Monthly Royalty Reports

  • Cover Song Licensing

  • Distribution To Social Media

  • Use Your Custom Label Name

  • Daily Trend Reports

  • Payment Split Option

  • Upload Your Lyrics

  • (Release Up To 25 Artists - (Label Plan)

  • Live On iTunes In 24 Hours

  • 100% of Content ID Revenue     

  • Pay Zero Commission 

  • Music Video Distribution

  • Cover song licensing

  • Youtube & Monetization

Music Distribution Benefits

We don't simply assist with the distribution of your music; we also aid in its promotion and exposure to listeners all around the world. 

By partnering with us for distribution, you can release unlimited amounts of music across 200+ platforms, keep 100% of your rights and earnings, set up pre-orders, register your content ID, obtain free ISRC and UPC codes, release cover songs, upload your lyrics, set up payment splits, choose your own release date, create custom iTunes pricing, sent to Sirus XM, get paid monthly, and daily sales & trend reports. 

Approximate live times (once a release has been reviewed.

  • Spotify: 2-5 business days

  • iTunes/Apple Music: 1-2 business days

  • Amazon Music: 1-3 business days

  • Deezer: 3-4 business days

  • iHeartRadio: 1-2 weeks

  • TIDAL: 1-3 business days

  • TikTok: 5 business days

  • YouTube Music: 1-2 weeks

Other Platforms Take 2-4 weeks

Content ID Service

It can sometimes take up to 6 months before Content ID has scanned all the videos and claimed the correct content. Please have patience and trust the system. To be approved, you must own exclusive rights to a substantial body of original material that is frequently uploaded by the YouTube user community.

We Are Here To Help

We provide dependable services such as digital music distribution, social media ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, playlist pitching, and radio airplay guarantees. More services designed to help indie musicians expand their reach and fan base globally are on the way.

That's correct! We don't just help you distribute your music; we also promote it, exposing it to the rest of the world.

We allow you to distribute unlimited music to over 200 platforms in over 190 countries while keeping 100% of all profits. Starting at $1 per month or $12 a year, there are no hidden or extra fees. You will be able to register your music for the charts, obtain a Content Id, start your own label, and so on.


We will run social media, YouTube, and Google ads targeting real people when you promote your music with us (no bots). We can also assist you in pitching your new release to actual playlists with actual listeners. Yes, we assist with music distribution and promotion in order to increase exposure for your music.

Do you need your music video to be distributed? We can get your music video on all of the top video platforms where fans enjoy watching it. This is possible for you for the industry-low price of $5 per video.

Platinum Records Distro is committed to being completely hands-on with our members, assisting them when necessary.

Low-Cost Way To Release Unlimited Music

On either an artist or label plan, limitless song releases are available for just $1 per month. Start now with no additional or hidden costs. Our daily analytics, excellent customer service, and user-friendly UI are all available. We pay you when people listen to, download, or purchase your music. 

Ready To Grow Your Music Career?

Make A Choice!

Keep 100% Of All Earnings, Rights, Ownership & Control. Join Now!

Safe & Secure Through Stripe 

Ready To Promote?

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