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The Best Music Distribution Companies

2023 Comparison Of The Best Music Distribution Services

Looking for the best music distribution for independent artists & labels? Look no further! We've compared all the top independent music distribution companies in this blog post.

These companies aim to be the best music distributors of 2023.

Find the right one for your needs!

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Which best music distribution company is perfect for you?


Platinum Records Distro, DistroKid, CDBaby, ADA, Amuse, Spinnup Music, Ditto Music, and Label Worx are all great music distribution services, but which one is the best for you?


Each service has its own strengths and weaknesses, so you'll need to weigh the pros and cons of each before making a decision.


For example, DistroKid is great for independent artists, while TuneCore is better for artists who want to sell their music on iTunes and Apple Music.

CDBaby is the best option for artists who want to sell physical CDs, and Platinum Records Distro is the best option for having the lowest price plan plus they offer music promotion services for artists to grow their fan base. 

Digital distribution companies are evolving into one-stop shops for artists who want to stay independent. In time, you'll be able to use a digital service and they'll collect 100% of all your earnings from sound recording and composition royalties around the world while also handling registrations and collections. As of now though, none has accomplished this completely.


In order to clear things up, distributors offer services such as getting music into Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, TikTok, Instagram Stories (and more) so that you don't have to deal with it yourself--but what else could they do? You can only select ONE distributor per release otherwise the songs would show up on Spotify AND in Apple Music AND on other streaming sites--more than once! It's really important then that when picking out a music service provider you find someone who offers features tailored just for your needs because switching providers isn't an option at this point--not unless there was something wrong anyway!


I also want to emphasize that none of these companies own any rights, copyrights, or music from you.


These are not traditional record labels; there are no power struggles over who does what. With these companies, you retain 100% of your rights no matter which one you decide to go with; all of them provide similar services—simply facilitating the process of releasing and distributing your music. In my quest for finding the best one for my needs, I did research and spoke with reps at every company, asking specific questions that only independent musicians would know were necessary when it comes down to what matters most. One question had been how they calculated their earnings and whether or not people needed an agent or lawyer while going through this whole thing (information has varied greatly) - even if they provided something seemingly helpful such as personalized artwork and brand images so clients didn't have to create those themselves.


There can't be one specific best music distribution company because everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to the service they are looking for.


If you have any questions or concerns about these music distribution companies, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Music Distribution is an easy way for indie labels to reach listeners on streaming services. Spinnup is an independent music distribution service for any artist that might be interested in getting Streamed on a label down the line. Based out of Sweden, Spinnup is a digital distribution company that promises painless music distribution services for indie musicians. Spinnup is an interesting case, as although you are an independent artist and you are not on a label, this distributor is managed by the Universal Music Group.

PRD (Platinum Records Distro) is the new kid on the block when it comes to digital music distribution. They are a One-Stop-Shop music company that works with both signed and unsigned artists.


They don't focus on being better than our competitors but only focus on getting the job done. They help with music distribution, music marketing, and promotion. Platinum Records Distro aims to bridge the gap between independent music acts and their success.

Either you're seeking to release your music or distribute artists under your record label. With us, you can globally distribute unlimited music to all major online music stores & streaming services. PRD lets you upload unlimited music to stores for only one tiny monthly fee and keep 100% of your music earnings. Other distributors make you pay every time you're ready to release something new, or they take a percentage of your profits, and some do both. 

With them, you will keep 100% of all your music rights, ownership, and earnings. Every time fans stream, download, or buy your music, we send you money. With Platinum Records Distro, they guarantee that your music will be distributed correctly and on time. With this, you can focus on making music while leaving the distribution up to a trusted company. Having a music distribution service you can trust should be your top priority. 

They also offer video distribution for only ($5 Per Video) for those seeking to place music videos on major video platforms. PRD say they know and understand the struggles of indie music artists and record labels. This is why they created their services to help music artists and labels find success in their music careers. They are committed to working with undiscovered talent and helping them make their dreams a reality.


Whether you want to start small or go big, they got you covered. They can help you distribute your music digitally to over 200+ streaming services and stores as well as promote it online, so people can find and listen to your music anywhere in the world! Platinum Records Distro offers an unbeatable distribution opportunity. For only $1 per month, independent artists and record labels can both release their music globally. They have no hidden fees, no extra charges, you keep 100% of all earnings, and you pay zero commission on your music sales. If you want your music to be seen by a larger audience, then PRD can help get it live on some of the most popular streaming services out there. Spotify, YouTube Music, iTunes, and more are all available with music distribution.


A partner with Universal Music, Spinnup claims to forward all music it distributes to A&R representatives at said label, and have plenty of artist success stories to back that up. Beyond this, Boost Collective offers a range of extra services; they have effectively avoided branding themselves a mere distributor, choosing instead to describe their offerings as a solution that helps artists in every facet of their careers. Boost collectives pitch is that artists pay $0 up front for their music to be distributed - however, artists do waive a portion of royalties on tracks released through their offerings. For $29 & $299 a year, iMusician gives labels, publishers, and managers the option of distributing 40 artists worth of music via its platform.



For only $20 a year, Ditto allows artists to publish as much music as they like, with the company also offering several price points targeted toward independent labels, managers, and publishers. In addition to this, Ditto offers music video distribution, as well as giving you the option of creating pre-save links for sharing, as well as offering video distribution, similar to Distrokid. Ditto Music is priced similar to TuneCore, but does not require a annual renewal in order to continue having your music available. Ditto Music has a plan that is super affordable for a label that has 5 artists, and with their RLIAB tools, you have got all the tools you need.


CD Baby does both physical and digital distribution all in one place, meaning that you will be able to put your music on CD, vinyl, and all of the big streaming platforms. CD Baby also has the longest history in music distribution, being one of the preferred online music distributors for Spotify, meaning your tracks are approved slightly quicker than other services listed here. Amuse offers its music distribution free with a contract that, if your tracks perform well, can offer you a split 50/50 deal with the labels. Meaning, just like everyone else who is open about music distributors, any artist can have their music distributed by ONErpm, but ONErpm has also got an actual record label.

Amuse is a hybrid digital distribution company and the Next Generation Record Label, providing artists with a service that is completely free to use. Amuse is a music distribution company that allows musicians and bands to have their music on digital services providers such as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, TikTok, Deezer, etc.

It may be best to send out an AMUSE Distribution submission to check that your music is suitable for the label, because that can often be tricky since the artist has to produce the music and promote it themselves. Self-Distribution Companies With self-distribution, you are getting a really basic no-frills distribution service, they do not offer any marketing support, no additional accounting, or promotional services, and usually they will charge a set fee for the distribution of your music. muse now offers a Pro version for $60/yr with many more features than the free one and finally has a desktop version of the service.



By uploading your music on DistroKid, you will be able to get your music distributed to digital service providers like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, and more. Distrokid is, in my eyes, the most accessible and well-accommodating music distribution platform for independent artists.





Distrokid is one of the most recommended companies for other musicians, & is consistently mentioned as one of the best music distribution services in forums such as Reddit. I myself use companies like DistroKid to compile music, since they are an extremely smooth-running service. These companies are usually focused also on the individual artists who wish to sell their own music directly, without the need for major labels. If you are going to be an electronic music label first and foremost, there are specialty distribution companies that specialize in electronic music, have good relationships with Beatport, and can help get your label account on there.

Label Worx was founded back in 2006 and has grown into one of the biggest independent distributors out there, offering PR marketing, promotion, music video distribution, and advances for artists who are getting some exposure. EMPIRE is a distribution company founded by Ghazi Shami in 2010 that has grown into one of the go-to labels in the music industry for musicians looking for a fresh take on content management, social media, and digital development. EMPIRE is a part of the fast-growing roster of digital distributors operating in the innovation space filled with artists from indie labels to major labels looking to take advantage of ever-growing opportunities of music streaming, which includes self-publishing, royalty-free distribution, and flexibility.

Which one of these top best distributors for music is your final choice?

Finding out the best distribution company for music isn't hard, you just have to make a choice.

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